Sunday, 20 October 2013

Skincare Routine | Morning

Since my last post was an evening skincare routine, I thought it apt to do a morning routine!  It's quite similar to my evening routine, but I use less products (to mostly save time..otherwise i'd be late for everything!).


I tend to use Emma Hardie C.B again but always have a cleanser in the shower for a quick cleanse.  I have just starting using this Avene extremely gentle cleanser which seems to do the job nicely.  

Step 2: TONE

I again use La Roche-Posay Serozinc toner. 

Step 3: SERUM

A repurchased Caroline Hirons recommended item: Indeed Labs Hydraluron.  My skin loves this stuff and before using it, I didn't quite realise how dehydrated my skin was. My skin is plumper and looks fresher after using this.  The science behind it is hyarulonic acid which is present in the skin anyway but the amount produced is less as you get older.  I'm only 19 but thought, why not start now?!  It really is brilliant. To be applied before moisturiser.


Same as in evening routine, Simple Soothing Eye Balm.


Again, I use the Simple Replenishing moisturiser.  Very basic moisturiser but seems to do the job with the help of hydraluron.  


I have very fair, freckly skin which I now realise needs sun protection all year round and not just when it's sunny or I'm on holiday.  I looked into several, trying a La Roche-Posay factor 30 and 50 one but I found they were slightly to thick for an everyday basis.  So, thanks to Anna ( I discovered Kiehl's Ultra Light Daily UV Defence Suncream for face which is SPF 50.  You only need a small amount for the whole face which is good considering the price tag (£31..I think).  It works great under make-up, not giving you a greasy face (always good!).  Will continue to repurchase this forever.

Step 6: LIP CARE

I don't use this on an everyday basis, but as winter is approaching and my lips always suffer, I'm reintroducing this into my routine.  It's a lip scrub which is made up of sugar granules.  You apply as much as required on the lips and scrub until smooth. Then comes the best can lick it off! Lush do a couple of other flavours (popcorn, mint..) but the bubblegum one appealed to me the most.  It definitely helps the condition of my lips.  I then apply vaseline after.

That's my current morning skincare routine. Thanks for reading!

Blog soon!

                                                                           SH x

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