Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Purple Nail Varnish + Midi Ring

During the Summer, on a shopping trip to London, I went into my favourite shop ever, & Other Stories on Regents Street.  I absolutely love the beauty section in this shop.  It's very well laid out in a bathroom style.  I just love being in the shop!  I saw this nail varnish, 'Cambric Purple' and was immediately drawn to it, since my favourite colour is purple.  It's an amazing bright colour that really stands out in an outfit.  & Other Stories have a great nail colour selection and now that they've put the nail varnishes online, I may be making another order ('Armure Plum' looks like a fantastic shade for Autumn).  I also bought some body lotion in Fig Fiction which has now been repurchased smells amazing!  The names for all their products, I think, are so creative.

I bought a set of midi rings from Topshop a couple of weeks ago and think this gold one goes really well with the purple nail varnish.   

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