Thursday, 31 October 2013

Haul | IKEA

I have just had my bedroom painted and wanted to get some cheap extras/decorations to perk the room up a bit.  I hadn't been to IKEA in over a years so I was due for a trip.  And who doesn't like a shop around IKEA?...probably quite a few people!  Anyway, I saw a video on Lily Pebbles Youtube channel that mentioned some throws etc from IKEA and liked what I saw so I thought they may have some suitable things for my bedroom too. 

As you do when wandering around IKEA and their strange traditions (big yellow/blue bags, meatballs and duvets that aren't the conventional size) pick up a few things that you don't need!  I had to be very strict with myself and not get carried away.  It's such a big place (I went to Croydon)!  I saw lots of cheap throws and cushions in a huge variety of colours and was pleased to see the perfect colours for my now (Pale Amethyst and Grape...Laura Ashley paints) 'grown-up pink' room.  I bought a Cream Throw and a Purple Bedspread that go brilliantly together and in my room. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the bedspread.  I could see that the throw might fray slightly but it's not got much of a purpose apart from making my bed look nice so I don't mind.  I really do think that it's not worth
spending £££ on something that's not being used all the time so IKEA is perfect for things just for decoration purposes.  

I also picked up some cushion covers and the inner cushions (Purple Velvet Cushions) which are great for my bed.  The floral cushion in the middle is also from IKEA but I couldn't find it on the website.  It's a lovely cushion..the perfect centrepiece that pulls everything together!
In the huge lamp section of IKEA, I bought this Purple Lamp which goes brilliantly with the lighter walls and darker cushions and throws.

The other floral bedspread in the photo is from Monsoon.  Unfortunately they don't sell it anymore.

A lot of the bloggers that I read seem to have this Pot.  I saw it in the plant section of IKEA at the very end and picked it up.  I think this one itself is bigger than the ones normally used for things like make-up brushes but I'm sure i'll find a use for it!

Hope you enjoyed reading this post.

Blog soon!

SH x

*Whilst writing this post, I'm listening to this amazing concert from John Mayer on youtube.  Have a's great and his dog is so cute!*

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