Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Autumn/Winter Coat | First fashion post


I would like to introduce fashion into my blog. As the weather is changing, I decided that I needed a smart casual coat that would fit into my everyday wear.  I was browsing ASOS (as I do daily) and came across this coat from Oasis.  I have never bought anything from Oasis before as I always thought they didn't quite hit the mark in terms of fashion and can get it slightly wrong sometimes.  However, I really liked this 'Two Tone Biker Coat'.  It's made out of a beautiful soft material and the colour is, on the website, called neutral.  It can look Taupe in some lights and a grey, mauve colour in others.  The inner lining is a silk-like material which gives it a more high-end feel.  There is gold zip detailing, which is the only thing I would change to perhaps silver but it's not a major issue as the coat itself stands out.  It's the perfect length and provides the right amount of warmth (saying this in mid-October and not in mid-January!). The coat is high quality and am sure it will see me through the winter (which is supposed the be the 'coldest for 100 years' (aaah)!)

Back of the coat with added wind (weather)

Coat (Oasis)
Top (Reiss)
Jeans (New Look)
Belt (Topshop)
Boots (Topshop)

Thanks for reading.

Blog soon!

SH x

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