Friday, 1 February 2013

Battle of the BB | Clinique vs. Dr.Jart+

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I have slightly got onto the BB cream band wagon but how can you not when they are available everywhere!

I bought the Clinique BB cream about 6 months ago - (summertime), so the shade is too dark for me now. I decided recently to buy a Dr.Jart+ one since they are the 'original' (Asia's wonder product) and they were also on offer in Boots!
I am going to outline my favourite points of each of the creams and then outline the things i don't like and compare!

Ok to start...Clinique! I went in to my local beauty department store and got colour matched to a shade 02.  It comes in three different shades which is a bonus as i know many BB creams only come in one universal shade! It has quite a thick feel to it which i thought was surprising for a BB cream as they are meant to be a sort of tinted moisturiser.  This BB cream is said to 'conceal, help prevent premature signs of ageing with UVA/UVB protection, reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles, defend against the environmental aggressors, instantly soothe, work beautifully under foundation, make skin feel soft, smooth and look brighter and perfected'.  Wow.... a very long list of promises! It has no fragrance which is good and an SPF 30 which is great for me- a sensitive-skinned, pale kind of girl who burns at any sight of the sun!

It blends nicely with my 'Real Techniques Buffing brush' and leaves a nice base for my bronzer etc. and lasts well.
I would expect this to be a good product for older women with all the promises of anti-ageing but still works nicely as a BB cream for me! I will be using this more in the summer as i lighter base than my usual foundation.  BB creams are fantastic for when you are having a 'good skin day' as they are slightly heavier than a tinted moisturiser and lighter than a foundation.  This Clinique BB cream provides an ok coverage- i would say medium coverage! It contains a leaflet with lots of information about how to use and remove (of course with other Clinique products) the product.
In terms of packaging, it is nice.  It is the pleasant mint green colour of many of the Clinique products.  The tube it comes in is easy to use and travels well.

Ok onto the Dr.Jart+ BB cream.  I went into Boots just to see what was there and ending up coming home with this 'Regenerating BB cream'.  I tried some of the other Dr.Jart+ BB creams on my hand in the shop but thought this one suited my skin and skin tone best. This BB cream contains 'cutting-edge active ingredients' which 'cover and conceal imperfections whilst helping skin regenerate'.  The product claims to be a sort of triple threat - cover blemishes, act as a sunscreen and activate skin regeneration.

I don't know why i've gone for two BB creams that defy age! I'm 18!

This contains some great, promising ingredients; e.g. sunscreen, macadamia ternifolia seed oil, snail (say what.....!) secretion (wait..eeww!) filtrate and simmondsia chinensis (Jojoba) seed oil!  It also is SPF 30 which is fab!  I really like the feel of this BB cream.  It is really light yet provides a great coverage (i'm finding myself wearing this everyday in place of my foundation!).  It blends beautifully but i do find my skin gets a little oily towards the end of the day but nothing a bit of powder can't fix!  Dr.Jart+ BB creams don't have a range of colours, but for me, this colour is perfect with a bit of blending!
In terms of packaging, i really like it.  Nice and simple, yet a bit fancy at the same time.  The tube is small which is great to carry.  It sort of has a blurred mirror effect on the tube which makes it stand out on my dressing table!

I would have to say that i prefer this Dr.Jart+ BB cream to the Clinique one simply because it feels and sits a bit better on my skin.  In terms of price, the Dr.Jart+ comes in at £21 (but i bought it for £14..bargain!) and the Clinique comes in at £25...more expensive but you expect that for a brand like Clinique.  You also get 10ml more of the Dr.Jart+ than the Clinique.  I would say therefore that the Dr.Jart+ BB cream is better value for money than the Clinique BB cream.  I am glad i bought both the products and would recommend them.  

Thanks for reading!
Blog soon...

Sarah xx

Have you tried any of these BB creams?  Have any recommendations for other BB creams to try?

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